DD: June 1, 2016

by James Bruneau in Daily Drawing
So… I got severely sidetracked tonight. I was going to finish the dinosaur drawing and put my new logo together, but finding myself with a little extra time, I also decided to try to finish off my friend’s D&D miniature that I have been promising to paint for almost 3 months. Since he’s had to wait so long, I got it in my head that I would sculpt his character’s tarsier familiar and add it to his model. It kind of looks like a yellow blob right now since I’m not done painting, but I am proud of this damn tarsier. I honestly didn’t think I had the touch to do tiny stuff like this anymore. I guess I rolled a 20 on my dexterity check.
 The head and ears along with my various implements of creation. 
I ended up screwing with it a bit more, but the assembled head, more or less:
The tiny little tubes of “green stuff” I was layering on top of one another to try to exert some kind of control over the shapes: 
 Hindquarters (ass) and tail of the tarsier on the actual miniature. That is how the tarsier do. 
 Decided I didn’t want the dots in the center of the eyes. Easiest way to fill them in was to use super glue gel. Before it dried, it reflected the light and made this little motherfucker look sad and real. I can only hope the finished product looks as heartwrenchingly pathetic as this WIP photo. 
 The miniature as it stands while I type this blog post. After doing a shit job of shading it initially, I have started over on the tarsier. It looks like a cartoon character now (and/or a blob of uncooked cookie dough), but will start to look cool again once I use some shading to give it some depth, and texture. Almost accidentally, I ended up giving the goblin’s shirt stripes like I had originally intended. Unlike a lot of stripes I’ve tried to do in the past, it’s very subtle, and I like it a lot. I still have a load of work to do on this mini, which is depressing, but I have a pretty solid base to work from now. And also a fucking tarsier.